Wayne Ballet and Center for Dance Arts offers a full dance program with classes for children and adults of all ages and abilities. Our core ballet program adheres to the highest standards whether a student is on the professional track or looking to achieve a level of proficiency on a recreational basis. We provide the kind of quality training only found in urban centers here in the heart of Wayne. For five consecutive years we have been recognized by the community as the best dance studio on the Main Line and have won “The Best of Life” and “Reader’s Choice” each year.

Here at WBCDA we truly believe and understand that performance opportunity is a critical part of a complete dance program. A strong technical foundation is crucial and so is the chance to test that foundation outside of the studio. Students need to learn theatrical skills, stagecraft and have an opportunity to develop artistry. This is the mission for the Wayne Ballet Theatre. In addition to our annual production of “The Nutcracker” and year end Concert, we offer informal performance opportunities throughout the year. Additionally, we offer master classes, choreography workshops, summer dance intensives, and most of all, encouragement to all dancers to broaden their horizons in dance education. We believe that in order to dance professionally today or even be accepted into a University dance program, it is important to be a well rounded dancer with strong training in both Ballet and Modern and experience in many dance forms. We are committed to helping our students succeed and that includes helping them move beyond their training here when they are ready.

For me, this is a lifelong dream. From my earliest days at School of American Ballet, I have always had a passion for the artistry and beauty of the dance and both a discipline and drive toward excellence. As the mother of two daughters, I am determined to provide a balanced, healthy environment where self- esteem can only grow in the pursuit of artistic achievement.

Once again, welcome to WBCDA – where education is an art. We look forward to meeting each one of you.

Laura Berland
Artistic Director