Session Dates & Tuition Information 2018-2019

Session Dates and Tuition Information for our 2018-2019 Season.

Classes run continuously from September through June (with the exception of spring and winter breaks) unless designated otherwise. Tuition is based on a 38 week school year and is invoiced in 4 installments or sessions. Each session represents one quarter of the school year and is not considered an individual course (each session does not always equal 10 classes). Tuition is based on the number of class hours a student takes  per week and can be calculated by using our  Tuition Chart.  The figures on the tuition chart are for one session of classes.  A full year tuition would be paid 4 times from Sept to June based on the below dates for the 2018-2019 Season:

Session 1:  September 4th to November 4th

Session 2:  November 5th to January 20th

Session 3:  January 21st to March 31st

Session 4:  April 1st to June 9th